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March 7, 2007
RUPERT - Regarding our lost dog . . . after searching and searching in the neighborhood on foot, by bike (about 15 miles worth of back-and-forth on all streets in many directions) and car, knocking on the doors of homes and businesses, posting flyers, visiting the Humane Society and Fulton County Animal control, my son and I went out after dinner to put up more fliers.

The first one Patrick put up, a guy says, "Hey, I work right down the street at Key Lime Pie," a local salon in Virginia-Highlands, "and we found a dog that looks like that last night around 9."

So Patrick and I go to Key Lime, and my son puts a flier on the counter and asks a couple of young ladies, "Have you seen a dog that looks like this?"

Bless them, they got so excited they nearly cried.

Turns out Rupert was discovered out back of the place about 20 minutes after we'd noticed him missing. The young ladies that found him called the 800 number on his tag. Those folks said the dog had not been reported missing, although it seems to me like they should have been able to look up the number on the tag and tell the caller the phone number for the owner.

So they re-named Rupert, opting to call him Franklin, and took him with them for pizza. The Rupester was a model guest, I'm told, pleasant as pie, and spent the night with one Rae Lynn at her home in East Cobb County, some 20 miles from home.

Anyway, at about the time we were accounting for Rupert's whereabouts at Key Lime, Rae Lynn's mother made a connection through his tags (the rabies tag, I think), tracing the dog's original owner (we adopted him six weeks ago from a lady who takes in strays, throwaways, etc.). That lady, Liz, called our house.

So even if we hadn't made the Key Lime breakthrough, Rupert was going to be re-connected with his family.

Anyway, Ray Lynn's mother brought the dog from East Cobb to Virginia-Highlands last night, and while waiting, I took my son home so he could take his shower.

When we got the call, my twin daughters Tori and Roni wanted to go claim Rupert with me, even in their pajamas. So they put on Crocs, and away we went.

The Rupester acted like he'd never been gone, happy as ever.

Rae Lynn and the Key Lime Elves - as their manager referred to them - asked that we bring the bowser by for an occasional visit. That will not be a problem, as the kids' bus stop is about 100 yards away.

A lot of people prayed for Rupert, and my youngest daughter, Roni, said she prayed six times and, "God was my target, instead of saying Lord."

Sometimes, there are happy endings.

Thanks for the concern from those who offered it. Matt

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