Atkins Park

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: 1-, 2- or 66 13-100 about 20 acres, plenty of water, hold creeks tine springs about 1 mile northeast of Inman Park, 30 minutes drive and best suburban section around Atlanta. Fine locality for truck gardening etc. Great building sites, overlooking surrounding country; has considerable fruit, grapes, scuppernongs, peaches, apples and plumbs, fine young orchard of best varieties, raspberries, and fine varieties of strawberries, also about 50 pecan trees and 7 large bearing black walnut trees. Has good new barn, 3 room house, 2 room house, and other buildings. This property adjoins Booker Scott, Fernbank, Col. Z. D. Harrison’s beautiful home, Kirkwood Land Company and the proposed million dollar Presbyterian University, also near the beautiful park and suburban improvements made by the St. Louis Investment Company on Highland, St. Charles and Ponce de Leon Avenues; is within 5 minutes walk of the extensive improvements and Beautiful Boulevard now being graded by Mr. Hurt and Associates which will be, when completed, a magnificent driveway from Atlanta to Decatur, and one of the most beautiful and delightful in all the country. This property will easily double in value in the near future. Will sell or exchange for Atlanta property. Apply too GEO. W. HARRISON Box 415 or at his office the Franklin Printing and Publishing Company, 65 Ivy Street, Atlanta, Georgia.

his plat shows the most attractive section around Atlanta, with absolutely no objectionable features. Just beyond Ponce de Leon Springs is St. Louis Park, for which a thousand dollars an acre was paid, and large sums spent in grading, planting, etc. Mr. Hurt and Associates have expended thousands of dollars on their property in parking and otherwise making what will soon be the most beautiful suburban residence section adjacent to Atlanta at “home or abroad”.  A great boulevard from Atlanta to Decatur is well underway. Over 250,000 trees, shrubs and plants have been planted; streets, sidewalks and sewers have been laid. The value of the land offered for sale is largely enhanced by these improvements, the extent and scope of which have been planned for the future, upon broad ideas and without regard to cost.

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